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...and I 'm OBSESSED with baking.


I’m not a professional chef, I don’t run a cake shop, and I’ve never appeared on The Great British Bake Off – although I wish all three of those things were true.


What I am is completely mad about cooking, baking, eating, writing and thinking about food.


I came across the weird and wonderful world of Three Ingredient Baking back in 2013 and have spent the past few years toiling away in my pea-sized kitchen in South-East London, trying to come up with some recipes of my own. 

This site – and the accompanying recipe book, Three Ingredient Baking, published by Penguin in 2018 – has been a labour of love, and I really hope you'll become as obsessed with the concept as I am!

When I'm not baking, I work as a feature writer for a national newspaper, where I write about everything from new-fangled kitchen gadgets to people who keep pet goats.


In 2015, I compiled and edited How to Jug a Hare: The Telegraph Book of the Kitchen.


I grew up in Northern Ireland, studied in Cambridge, spent a year in Madrid and now live in London. One day, I dream of opening a tea shop selling freshly-baked cakes, scones and biscuits. I hope you'll come and visit.


Three foodie facts about me...



My name is Sarah...


My food hell is marzipan. And liquorice and fennel and anything else that tastes even slightly like almonds

I once baked 339 traybakes in a single weekend (for charity, not just fun) and lived to tell the tale

The scariest thing I've ever done is bake a cake for HRH Mary Berry (and she lived to tell the tale)

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